Why Fatcow Hosting Works for More than Just Websites


Some hosting companies cater to one thing or another. For example, some are great for those looking to open an online store, while others are better for a high traffic corporate site. Fatcow reseller hosting plans may not be the best choice for a high traffic corporate site, but if you want to start a website, blog, forum, online store or most other online entities, they have the features and foundation you need.

A strong foundation is so important to the success of a website or blog, but most people are more concerned with the price of the hosting account they are going to open. Now, I don’t believe in trying to fool my visitors, so I will tell you up front, you won’t be able to just pay for one month of Fatcow hosting. Just like most other cheap web hosting providers, they offer hosting on a yearly basis. You can get Fatcow web hosting on a 1, 2 or 3-year basis with a monthly price starting lower than $4.

They don’t pull punches with you and they will tell you right up front that if you buy one year of hosting, when you renew, you will be charged their regular monthly rate. This is the case with every other hosting company out there and you are better off with the most hosting you can possibly get up front, especially when they have a special sale price, going on.


If I were to tell you everything Fatcow offers, I’d never get the post done. I use Fatcow hosting myself and have never had any issues with them. If you are in need of hosting, you should check out all the features Fatcow web hosting offers and consider using their reliable servers and support for your project.

With the economy still in the tank, many are turning to websites and blogs to help with an extra income. This requires hosting and low cost web hosting has become very popular. The question, however, is can you still achieve success and get all the features you need with a cheap web hosting provider?

This question has to be answers in multiple parts because it’s not just a simple yes or now. If you are in a hurry, just understand that some companies do give you all the necessary features and you can achieve success with both a website and blog with these cheap hosting companies. One such company, which we recommend is Fatcow web hosting.

Part 1 – The Necessary Features


The problem with low cost web hosting is that many beginners don’t have a clue what to look for. This allows hosting companies to make it sound like you are getting a ton of great things for cheap. They offer you features you will never use and this is a very normal thing. Don’t let them fool you with their super low price because not all companies are worth your time.

However, some will give you everything you need for under $5 a month on a yearly plan. This helps you save money and work on making money all at the same time. If you want the most out of your hosting, just choose the company that offers you the features you specifically need and don’t worry about what else they give you.


Part 2 – Server Usage

Another thing to think about is how many shared web hosting accounts they are going to shove on one server if they are charging a low price. If a company is charging a dollar or two a month for hosting, will they be putting your account on the same server as thousands of others or not? If so, you may experience slowdowns and other issues.

The last thing you want is downtime and companies that offer super cheap web hosting often find this as an issue. Believe it or not, a couple dollars makes a huge difference because Fatcow hosting only charges $4 a month and they don’t overload their servers. It is all about the company and whether they are just trying to get as many accounts as possible or if they are balancing it with the servers, they have.

Part 3 – Restrictions and “The Catch”Of course, we as humans always believe there is a catch when we get something for super cheap and there almost always is with hosting. They may restrict you to only so much space without telling you, if you take advantage of a super cheap rate. Another thing they like to do is not tell you or make it hard to find the renewal rate.


Many companies will sell you the original year for a super cheap price, and then it triples or even more for the next year or two. If this is the case, they should tell you so. There is nothing wrong with offering you super cheap web hosting for the first year, and then raising the rate for renewal, but you should be aware of this before you open an account.

Fatcow web hosting puts this information right on their website and it’s not in the fine print. It is easy to find and they make it clear that if you renew your hosting, it will be at the regular rate. However, you can avoid this regular rate for a longer amount of time by locking in the lower rate for as long as they will allow you to do so.

The Final Answer

So, to answer the original question, yes and no. You could lose some features, but chances are the one thing you will lose with low cost web hosting is the support and the reliability of the servers. However, if you choose a top company that also offers a low price for the first year or first couple years, you can give them a try without blowing much cash.


Fatcow will only cost you about $44 a year to start and they will even allow you to pay for three years up front. This will take the worry of hosting out of play and you can worry about making your website or blog a success instead. Yes, when you renew it will be more expensive, but by that, time you will understand how great Fatcow hosting is and it will no longer matter.

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